Mattress Removal

Mattress Removal

Sagging? lumps? Noisy springs? Having a hard time getting a

comfortable sleep? May be, it is time to replace your mattress. It is a

consensus that mattress should be replaced every 8 years.

Mattress disposal becomes little difficult and awkward while doing it on

your own. It also consumes a lot of time energy. Also, you can’t just throw

the thing away. You may have to pay some fines for that.

Safeway mattress disposal service makes mattress removal easy for you.


What we remove

  • King size mattress
  • Queen size
  • Double bed size
  • Single /twin size

Any kind of mattress!

Safeway Mattress Removal service is stress-free. Just schedule our service get the best deal for yourself.

Each year about 15 million mattresses end up in the landfills of Canada.Certainly, you don’t want to contribute more to that.

Safeway mattress recycling service adds a new dimension in the mattress removal and recycling industry. Mattress springs become problematic once they reach at the end of their usage.

Since they are very hard to move it becomes very difficult for recycling. As a result, they often create an illegal dumping problem. However, mattress recycling has increasingly become an alternative to landfilling.

The best way to help the environment is recycling. To lessen the burden of waste all over the world, we must implement recycling for safer and healthier environment. With this Safeway prevents pollution and saves the natural resources. After recycling the mattress goes for a good cause like charity or donations.