Garbage Removal

Garbage Removal

Safeway offers tailored waste collection services in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions at cost-effective rates. Our services include weekly, bi-weekly, and periodic pickups, as well as private residential waste removal.

  • Recyclable paper, metal, plastic, and glass
  • Electronics
  • Gypsum
  • Paint and similar products
  • Bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances, and large

           electronic items

  • Yard trimmings, clean wood, and small quantities of food waste
  • Reusable materials such as clothing and books
  • garbage

We not only transport waste to landfills, but we also ensure its proper disposal through recycling, donation, or other environmentally responsible methods. With various waste management options available, Safeway’s junk removal services utilize advanced technology for efficient and sustainable solutions. We are dedicated to promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations.