About Us

Someone’s Trash, Some Other’s Treasure!

Safeway Junk Removal and Cleaning Services Pvt. Ltd is one of the reliable junk removal companies in Canada. We are proud of the services we provide to our customers. Periodical pick-up, on-time servicing and responsible working are what makes us the most trusted cleaning services company in the area. Our mission is to keep the environment green. We are relentlessly working towards sustainability. Our social commitments bind us to perform multiple jobs that we happily do. From associating with charities to donating the recycled items boost our confidence.

  • What we do?

If you are moving or renovating your house or office, we can help you. We are specialized in taking unwanted items from your place and recycle or dispose of it. Our junk removal service helps you get rid of all kinds of trash and clear your space.

  • What we will take?

Trash: yard waste, office waste, general house waste etc.

Appliances: bicycles, toys, wooden goods, exercise equipment etc.

Electronics: air conditioners, calculators, wires, old television set, musical instruments, refrigerators etc.

Furniture: tables, chairs, boards, tools, window frame, boxes, tubes, bath tubs, miscellaneous

Fabric: clothes, mattress, covers, ropes etc.

Demolition and construction materials: asbestos, paint, oil, bricks, concrete debris, etc.

Metals: steel, aluminum, iron, lead etc.

  • What we do with the junk items?

Safeway is highly motivated towards protecting the environment. We ensure that if any durable junk may reach to the person who might have been benefited from it. Instead of just dumping it on the landfill, we send items like furniture, mattress, toys, electronics to the recycling facilities. We believe it is a much better alternative than just throwing it away.

Eco-friendly wastes directly go to the compost factory for sorting and mixing. In that way, we work like a double-edged sword to protect the environment and give back to the community.